Tomorrow, August 1 2014, Advertising ID will become the only identifier available for advertising and analytics purposes for Android devices. Google is requiring that all new apps, as well as all new updates MUST upgrade to their new advertising ID.

MobPartner is ready for the swap – you should be able to find the new parameter and all the information you may need for the change when you login into our platform. Apps that are not updated before the deadline to use Google Play Services will still work and continue to use the old Android ID. However, all app developers will be required to follow the new guidelines and be aware that your apps may be rejected when submitting them to the Google Play Store.

If you have any specific questions about how to integrate the new parameter feel free to contact our Support team.


What does this change mean?

Replacing the unique Android ID with a new Google Advertiser ID is a very exciting change coming from Google in response to growing privacy fears. The advertising ID is a user-specific, unique, resettable ID for advertising, provided by Google Play Services.

It will allow advertisers to track users across all Android apps using an anonymous, unique identifier, addressing both the growing consumer privacy concerns and the requirements of advertisers to be able to track their advertising more precisely.

The new Advertising ID, similar to Apple’s IDFA introduced last year will be used to track advertising and gather analytical information about users, but with one major difference; it can be turned off. Advertising ID gives control back to millions of Android users around the world when it comes to the ads they want to receive or not receive on their devices.

For specific information around the update, please go to the Google website to find out more.



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