We are thrilled to release our first mobile app for iOS.

Created for Publishers who are often on the move, MobPartner’s official publisher app is essential to stay up to date with real time information.

The application is designed to let you get an instant snapshot of the revenue generated by your mobile sites and apps in real time. Whatever you need to get access to, no matter where you are.



Using our official app you can keep track of

account-balance-icon account-stats-icon account-timesheet-icon
Your current
account balance
Your statistics for each traffic source (impressions, clicks, installs, sales, leads) and commission Your statistics broken down by time period: today, this week and this month

All data will be transferred over a secure connection.

It also features a showcase section where you can discover and play with our latest innovative
and exclusive ad units such as MobStream, MobSearch, MobWidget, etc.

Discover our latest exclusive Ad Units

Native Ads: 

  • MobStream displays users a primary customized app that blends into your content.
  • MobSearch is an exclusive Ad Unit which displays contextually relevant app suggestions, in real time.
  • MobWidget allows you to display content-embedded app recommendations.
  • MobWall is a dedicated page where  you can recommend a list of apps to your users.

Standard Ads

  • Banner : Display automatically adapted and optimized campaigns to the user.
  • Interstitial (static, interactive, video) : A variety of full screen interstitials that fit all your needs. 

All simply made to suit you! So download our App now to discover the rest of highlights and functionalities!
And because we care about and think of all of our publishers, a new version of the existing Android app will be launched in time for Christmas!

Feel free to rate our app and leave your feedback for ongoing updates.
If you have any questions or encounter any problems, you will have direct access to our dedicated support team within your newly downloaded app!


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