On Thursday, February 19 MobPartner’s North American General Manager, Aurelie Guerrieri, served as Chairperson at eTail West’s Growth Strategies track. Sessions included panel discussions about globalization and marketplaces along with individual speakers from Kimberly-Clark, Bronco, and My Binding.com.  Here are some key insights from the day’s sessions…


  • Globalization: Be sensitive to the markets you are expanding into. The customer is savvy and expects you to localize – and localize beyond language – incorporate local currency/ local returns/ local fulfillment. Don’t localize from afar! Be sure to understand local nuances and context in order to review website content for correctness and consistency—in order to appropriately drive consumer behaviors that make perfect cultural sense within that specific local market.
  • International Expansion: Carefully consider where to expand your business globally.  Capitalize on markets where you have brand recognition and where there is an appetite for your product or service. Remember to give yourself time when it comes to expansion efforts—it doesn’t happen overnight! Take the time to gather data to make the right inferences so that your technology teams can optimize and accurately solve problems faced.
  • Retailers and brands need to work together to create the right environment in order to win consumer attention and loyalty
    • Collaborate on new retail experiences
    • Capitalize on behaviors that deliver value
    • Broaden your customer experience
    • Provide incentive to keep the customer engaged
    • Marketplaces help retailers to not only exponentially increase sales, but also to increase brand awareness by driving new traffic, acquiring new customer segments & servicing new geographies, through sheer volume of traffic, participating in offers and promotions, or related product features.  Challenges can come into play—particularly with smaller retailers—when it comes to the complexity involved in implementation. The marketplace panel sited feeds, automation and product matching integrations as being the most challenging. Once up and running, the panelist saw the most growth from strategies where they understood and optimized their pricing model with the right product mix, or participation in daily deal systems provided by the marketplace.


Thanks to all the speakers and everyone who attended the Growth Strategies sessions. The full agenda is available online.

MobPartner at eTail West

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