At MobPartner, we have a rare opportunity to capture a broader global base, while remaining true to our core values of marketing integrity and transparency, by expanding our offerings with a partner we truly believe in. This is why we’re so proud to announce that we’ve been acquired by Cheetah Mobile Inc. (NYSE: CMCM) – essentially, helping us offer global clients the most valuable ad platform, with the best results. Cheetah Mobile has been a long time, trusted partner of ours. With 340M monthly active users worldwide, Cheetah Mobile is the world’s number 1 mobile utility application developer and ranked second only to Facebook on Google Play’s global non-game application developer’s ranking. They share our commitment to transparency and integrity, and focus on delivering best-in-class return on investment to mobile marketers. We’re honored to become a part of Cheetah Mobile for many reasons, but none more so for the breakthroughs in mobile optimization that our company will now be a part of.

A large reason for Cheetah Mobile’s success lies in their high quality products that are able to compete on a global scale, with 65% of their users coming from outside of China. Their top-tier products are developed and refined due to the intense competition present in China’s cutthroat mobile Internet market.- Djamel Agaoua, CEO of MobPartner


“The world’s top publishers monetize with MobPartner. They have an amazing team with a global footprint of diverse experts and true professionals committed to their clients’ success. MobPartner has demonstrated a tremendous track record of success with its 100% ROI-focused business model and MobPartner’s Mobile Performance Guarantee allows for greater trust within the market. “- Sheng Fu, CEO of Cheetah Mobile

We’ve known for a while that the world of mobile ads is changing and we’ve been carefully watching as the market has evolved.  We see an opportunity, like never before. Through the convergence of a focus on user engagement, an increased global reach, and our ad technology platform, MobPartner is positioning ourselves to be more easily able to customize offerings to mobile consumers, so ads reach them at the perfect time and place. This deal became a natural evolution and extension of our business as Cheetah Mobile enables us to strategically accelerate MobPartner’s growth by increasing both our traffic and product offerings. In addition, MobPartner enables Cheetah Mobile to accelerate its international expansion strategy.

In the upcoming future, nothing changes in your relationship with MobPartner; our team will remain focused on delivering the best service in the industry to our loyal customers. However, we will work closely with Cheetah Mobile to leverage each other’s strengths and create new opportunities and mobile products and services for our advertisers and publishers.

From this day forward, together we will be building one of the world’s leading mobile advertising platforms. Thank you for being a part of our journey, we can’t wait to share even more as it becomes available. (See full release here )

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