MobPartner is introducing the tiered commission structure on selected campaigns from selected verticals.

You will be receiving a payout increase, between 5% – 15% depending on the volume of validated transactions you drive.

How it works?

When first joining the campaign, you will start with the standard payout. Once the advertiser has validated all transactions, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the volume of validated transactions you drove, as per the campaign terms and conditions.

The bonus can be between 5% and 15% and will be applied retroactively for all transactions corresponding to the calendar month.

The bonus will be paid within the standard payment terms


Please note that the specific in app campaign KPI’s still apply and that is it mandatory that you meet them to qualify for the bonus


Terms & Conditions:

  • The campaigns terms and conditions still apply.
  • The campaign specific KPI’s still apply.
  • The campaign traffic restrictions still apply.
  • The bonus will be calculated and applied to your account balance once the advertiser has validated all transactions.
  • The bonus is ONLY applied to validated transactions. The bonus will be paid with the standard payment terms
– Your dedicated MobPartner Team.

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