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Introducing the BEST EVER promotion with Empire: Four Kingdoms – Android App

From October 14th at 00:01 AM CET to November 15th at 23:59 AM CET, new and existing publishers will benefit from HIGH payout increases with additional BONUSES for traffic matching the Advertiser’s KPI!


 You will also receive exclusive access to tailored creatives that won’t be found anywhere else.



Benefit from a payout increase of 120% on mobile and tablets across 61 countries!

Quality feedback on country level will be sent  7 days after start, including a rating scale “1” to “3”.
  • 1:Below
  • 2:Average
  • 3:Above Average

Publishers who receive a rating of “3” will enjoy up to 5% bonus on top of the increased payout by the end of the promotion
Exclusive Creative Pack:



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