Due to the large success of Our Welcome Pack and Welcome Back Promotion in October, we will be extending this promotion until the end of the year..

Introducing our Welcome Pack and Welcome Back Extended Promotion

Were you with us and could not quite find what you were looking for?
Come back and test our brand new campaigns with the highest payouts, especially when we have such a welcome back bonus.

Have you never worked with us and are looking for new revenue streams?

Sign up now and take advantage of the welcome pack as well as the highest payouts and caps on the market
Exclusive Cheetah Mobile campaigns as well as from other top app developers


Not only do we offer the biggest payouts on the market, but we are also rolling out an exceptional bonus program for the biggest, brightest, and the fastest to sign up! 

icon-adnetwork mediabuyer-icon
All you need to do as an Ad Network is to achieve $50,000 in earnings* in the month of October, and you will receive an additional 10% bonus.** As a Media Buyer, all you’ll need to do is to achieve $25,000 in earnings* in the month of October, and you will be rewarded with an additional 8% bonus.**
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*The bonus will be based on validated earnings only. The campaign specific terms and conditions apply.
**Bonus will only be applied at the beginning of November 2015.

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